Expensive Lottery

Close the “Expensive Lottery” panel. Don’t fight capitalists buying lottery tickets, pointing to underground lotteries, gouging money online. Rich, not taxable.

Reporter: National Lottery Buying and Selling Atmosphere Etau Aree Road Lottery District T.Kut Pong Loei, Loei, says there is silence, many shops have to stop. I can’t buy lottery tickets to fight the cost, lottery prices have been much more expensive for a few installments.

Expensive Lottery

In the past, it has been very expensive to accept the lottery price. Retail Yipua says it’s lost three consecutive periods. Today, lottery prices are highly unusual. It’s not the same again. The main reason why shopkeepers/ lottery panels say how many sellers buy has dropped by more than 50%, since it is known that there are currently three large investors, not about 5 tigers in the lottery, in the three large groups with heavy capital, out to spin the market.

Let’s start by buying a lottery ticket in front of the post office, just like an auction, like yesterday’s sale price in front of the post office. In this installment, the price has hit an unprecedented 95 baht per ticket, so it stops buying and selling, so the table is empty like this, carrying the burden of expenses. Retailers go down, they struggle because they have to borrow banks to trade.


While other shop owners also say that they make a legal underground lottery, that’s online, both face and online, all-you-can-sell south, single digits selling in bulk. When winning 2-5, transfer money immediately, except for the 1st  prize,  this purchase is tax-free.  0.50%  or  1.00  Baht


In addition, the number of underground lottery dealers and non-purchases. The number that comes out for each period as well. As for the people’s pre-New Year’s E-day gamble, I believe disappointed will take much less luck, but instead turn to online lottery.


Nowadays, even small traders buy at the three Wang Saphung lottery markets for  95  baht/copy, and they sell to shops/panels in the city for 100  baht/copy, while the panels are  110  baht/large number  10  copies before selling  1,200  baht, this installment must be  3,500  baht/copy (60   million baht prize), etc.


Ask who gets profit and loss? When this is the case, this crisis becomes an online lottery, and returning to the wholesale market, small-handed Yipua is affected. The fact that the lottery knows best but does not think correctively, still released by the market mechanisms that allow large groups of capitalists to intervene.


Credit: https://ruay-me.com/โปรแกรมหวย



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